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IntraQuest uses magpie to create a personalized learning platform that asks: how are you feeling?

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The multi-award winning training provider, which helps front-line workers solve difficult client problems using therapeutic methods, has digitised its offering using Filtered’s learning recommendation engine and new natural language and free text expression capabilities.


Filtered and IntraQuest won funding to build the product from Ufi under the VocTech Seed Funding, which supports ‘early stage projects that could have a real impact on vocational learning’.

The tool will scale many of the benefits of IntraQuest’s groundbreaking training techniques, which have had a transformational impact on client outcomes, to a much wider audience.

Built using magpie, the platform includes 70 videos, resources and activities which are created by IntraQuest and also curated from third party sources. The learning is organised in playlists prioritised by the magpie algorithm according to the user’s role, profile and behaviour.

It is the most conversational magpie instance yet. magpie asks users to describe ‘in about seven words, how are you feeling today?’ and recommends a resource by running sentiment analysis techniques on the response. Then, questions about the type of challenge the user faces (drawn from IntraQuest research) lead to more specific recommended actions and learning. In this way, magpie can quickly and accurately pinpoint the needs of frontline workers.

Neil Lewis, a director of IntraQuest, says: "The partnership with Filtered has enabled us to create the perfect new channel to get our award-winning content out there. magpie’s capability to assess learners’ needs has given us the confidence that the right content can be delivered to learners in the right way. This project has enabled us to diversify our offering for a new generation of learners – and ultimately drive better skills, better performance and better results for our hard-working, invaluable Public Service teams."

Vinit Patel, co-founder of Filtered says: "The way that IntraQuest leverage dialogue and storytelling caught our attention when they won the gold award for Start-Up Learning Provider of the Year in a category we judged at the Learning Awards 2017. So it’s great to have launched a new learning product and a new feature, where magpie holds a dialogue with the user, to bring IntraQuest’s award-winning approach to a much wider audience."

Rebecca Garrod-Waters, Chief Executive at Ufi, says: "Ufi Trust is proud to support the magpie-Tutorbot. The magpie-Tutorbot means that frontline public sector workers are accessing practical skills for work in a completely new way. The learners are enthusiastic about the potential of digital tech to improve their interactions with vulnerable service-users; and the learning providers are just as excited about the potential of the technology to reach many more time-poor workers in challenging front-line roles. This project is a great example of Ufi’s aim to see tech providing better, more accessible and relevant learning to the UK workforce. I’d like to congratulate Filtered and IntraQuest who combined their skill sets through this project to achieve such a great outcome."