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Filtered and Fuse Universal collaborate on API integration for Colt Technology

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Marc Zao-Sanders, CEO and co-founder at Filtered revealed how magpie's API integration is driving intelligent recommendations in the Fuse platform


On Monday 3rd December 2018, Marc Zao-Sanders, CEO and co-founder of Filtered, revealed that the company has completed a successful API integration with Fuse Universal for telecommunications company Colt.

The purpose was to bring learning recommendations to Colt’s 5,000 staff through the Fuse Universal platform. Jonathan Endean, L&D Transformation Lead at Colt, had already chosen some market-leading technology and content when before discovering Filtered’s intelligent recommendation engine magpie. In addition to Fuse’s platform to serve as the hub for all learning experiences, the L&D team at Colt picked Coursera, getAbstract and The Training Room Online. The telecommunications company bought in Filtered’s magpie for skills-based recommendations to make the most of existing content, as part of an initiative to drive best-in-class employee engagement.

Following meetings between the Filtered and Fuse product teams, a working API integration was established. The API made it possible for magpie’s chat and recommendations to become visible within the Fuse platform for users. This resulted in one seamless experience for the end user.

Steve Dineen, CEO of Fuse, said:

"We have a strong belief in interoperability and of having open APIs as a way of achieving this. It’s clear that the industry is moving rapidly away from having one central LMS where all digital learning is expected to be consumed. What is truly exciting about the direction of our industry is we are now starting to see true interoperability with the wider tech landscape rather than being fixated on standards like SCORM and xAPI. A wider view of interoperability brings the whole technology landscape into play and suddenly nothing is impossible, from machine learning translation technology, VR platforms or new leading-edge learning technologies like magpie.

We are enthused by this modern mindset where an openness to collaborate and accept that each learning tech company does not have to be the monolith technology and should instead be as open to integrating technologies as we are becoming in our openness to integrate libraries. An open API architecture where technology can be exposed on platforms like SharePoint and Salesforce as well as integrating other technologies like Yammer and magpie rapidly creates a new canvass of creativity for our customers to design on."

And Jonathan Endean, Digital Lead at Colt, said:

"Creating a consumer-grade experience that provides an intelligent blend of content and presentation thereof has been key to our L&D transformation in partnership with Fuse, Filtered, Get Abstract and Coursera. People expect ‘intelligent and personalised’ when it comes to technology these days, which further emphasises the need to build, buy and blend solutions that are not only technologically savvy, but that can also integrate with one another in order to provide a seamless (somewhat expected) user experience’."

Marc goes into further detail in this LinkedIn post.