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Filtered to tackle content overload with brand new learning recommendation engine globalfilter

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Award-winning adaptive training provider,, has released globalfilter - a new learning recommendation engine set to become the long awaited missing piece of the Learning Panorama in 2017.

globalfilter's dashboard
globalfilter's dashboard 

Modern workers are often faced with two options when deciding what to learn: everything or nothing. Very few reliable methods are available to work out what we should learn, when, why, in what order. We are either drowned in a stream of courses, catalogues, modules and LMSs, or left woefully under-armed searching for that seemingly elusive yet essential learning nugget. Either way, we often give up, lose faith and heart.

In turn, managers, Learning & Development teams and senior executives are left wondering why "staff members don’t want to learn", why "that shiny new tool is unused" or "engagement is so low?".

This is why Filtered is launching globalfilter - the latest answer to what Elliott Masie recently called the Learning Panorama: the choice of learning on offer is almost overwhelming and even threatens learner engagement in an organisational context.

globalfilter solves the content overload headache by making content relevant to learners again. It takes each learner’s key indicators (job role, seniority, use of time, proficiency, career aspirations), maps them to competencies and creates a personalised, prioritised learning path of just the most relevant learning assets - be they digital, classroom, blended, developed in-house, bespoke, free, or anything else. Recommendations can include any supplier of paid-for or free suppliers - from Future Learn, Harvard Business Publishing, TED, LinkedIn, Medium, YouTube, to name a few.

It takes users just three clicks to create a personalised deck of assets. By providing further inputs this can be made more accurate. All inputs (e.g. roles, competencies, levels of seniority) are configurable.

Running what is effectively an instant training needs analysis, globalfilter creates business insights when results are aggregated and can be used by organisations of all sizes to spot skills gaps, identify high performers, reassign training spend, calculate productivity gains through learning. Benefits go well beyond HR or L&D departments, in what is essentially a revolutionary way of organising and consuming training materials.

Chris Littlewood, co-founder and Head of Science & Content at Filtered, helped build globalfilter and commented: "One of the most common pain points organisations face is owning a vast array of learning materials but struggling to get their staff to use even a fraction of the content provided. This often leads to wasted resources, frustration and a lack of ROI. But what if we could quickly personalise and prioritise training content to learners based on a simple yet relevant set of criteria, and give intelligent training recommendations to our staff from all sort of materials across a range of providers? This is what globalfilter is about."

Free demo accounts of globalfilter are currently available via this page:

Further information can be found on the Filtered website: or is available from Paolo Lenotti, Head of Marketing & PR, [email protected], +44 (0)20 7729 9043.