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Learners have plenty to teach L&D about great user experience, new research reveals

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Head of Marketing at Filtered Paolo Lenotti and Head of Advisory Services at Towards Maturity Marnie Threapleton to co-host an online event about how today’s workers learn – and how L&D is failing them.


Filtered and L&D benchmarking specialists Towards Maturity recently ran a global study of 3,500 learners to understand what motivates today's workers to learn, when they prefer to learn, what's their willingness to curate and share knowledge, who influences their choices and what support they need. The report, 'The Consumer Learner at Work', is simply a wake-up call for the L&D industry.

For example, 80% of employees who have invested their own time and resources in learning can see how online learning helps them further their career. And 70% think online learning already had a positive impact on job performance. However, only 21% of organisations support employees’ career aspirations or personal job goals, and 4 out of 5 L&D leaders admit they struggle to engage staff.

Individuals who are active consumers of learning want to access learning when and where they need it. They are social, with 70% motivated by technologies that allow them to network and connect with each other and 90% downloading apps to further their learning. Yet only 11% of L&D leaders encourage staff to solve problems socially together and just 12% use curation tools to facilitate access. Furthermore, 3 in 5 L&D leaders don’t believe their staff can manage their own learning and 50% feel held back by staff reluctance to engage with new technology.

In this upcoming webinar Paolo Lenotti, Head of Marketing at Filtered, and Marnie Threapleton, Head of Advisory Services at Towards Maturity will talk about their involvement in this joint research, which was firstly announced at Learning Technologies 2016.

In particular, the two will present 10 insights for engaging with learners to help L&D leaders:

  • Change learning culture in their teams/organisations
  • Support self-directed learning 
  • Identify the skills needed to make this happen

The report 'The Consumer Learner at Work', which includes these and many more insights, is available for free on the Filtered website:

The webinar is taking place on Tuesday 01 March at 4:30pm GMT and is free to attend. Registration is on the event landing page: 10 insights for engaging with learners.


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