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Introducing globalfilter: Personalized learning paths in 30 seconds

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Award-winning adaptive training provider,, is launching globalfilter - a new learning recommendation engine set to disrupt the EdTech and training industry.

Global Filter’s dashboard
Global Filter’s dashboard 

This brand new product solves one of the biggest headaches for enterprise-level Learning & Development: overload. Staff are overwhelmed with huge libraries of learning assets which quickly become obsolete.

Marc Zao-Sanders, CEO and co-founder of Filtered, commented enthusiastically: "globalfilter makes content relevant to learners again. It takes each learner’s key indicators (job role, seniority, use of time, proficiency, career aspirations), maps them to competencies and creates a personalized, prioritised learning path of just the most relevant learning assets, be they digital, classroom, blended, developed in-house, bespoke, free, or anything else. Recommendations can include any supplier from Skillsoft to Harvard Business Publishing to TED."

It takes users just three clicks to create a personalized deck of assets. By providing further inputs this can be made more accurate. All inputs (e.g. roles, competencies, levels of seniority) are configurable. 

Running what is effectively an instant training needs analysis, globalfilter creates business insights when results are aggregated and can be used by organisations of all sizes to answer key questions including:

  • Where are our skills gaps?
  • Who are our high performers?
  • Should we reassign training spend?
  • Should we invest more?
  • Are some training providers less relevant?
  • Can we calculate productivity gains through learning?

Benefits go well beyond HR or L&D departments, in what is essentially a revolutionary way of organising and consuming training materials.

Click here to experience globalfilter. Further information is available from Paolo Lenotti, Head of Marketing and PR, [email protected], +44 (0)20 7729 9043.