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Filtered launches new workforce productivity solution at Learning Live 2016

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Personalized online training providers primed to release new tool to pinpoint skills gaps and address the lack of productivity within UK companies.

The UK is in the midst of a productivity crisis. In 2014, UK productivity was 18% below the average of G7 economies, the widest gap since comparable estimates began in 1991 [Source: ONS, International Comparisons of Productivity - February 2016]. With productivity being linked directly to skills, according to the Government’s productivity framework, why do top companies continue to ignore skill gaps and inappropriate training methods delivered to staff?

Indeed, research conducted by Filtered last year exposed the correlation between inadequate training, skills gaps, lack of company growth and wider economic stagnation. Over 2,000 UK workers contributed to that research. 60% claimed they need key workplace skills to perform in their jobs successfully, however only 25% received training on the skills they need. 41% said they never received any form of training from their employers at all [Source: Filtered, UK Workforce: Skills Gaps & Training Habits, 2015].

In an effort to address this productivity issue, Filtered are launching their latest product innovation - The Global Filter - at this year’s Learning Live.

A practical, efficient, scalable tool powered by a machine learning engine and the data of hundreds of thousands of learners, the Global Filter has been created to boost the performance, capability and fulfilment of today’s busy knowledge worker and tangibly and quantifiably increase the productivity of UK businesses.

Part training needs analysis, part learning recommendation provider, the Global Filter selects from the skills that support individual productivity based on current knowledge, aspiration and the detailed demands of the role an individual has in a business. It provides a granular, personalized learning path to take learners from where they are to where they need to be - optimally productive in their role.

Whether organisations need to improve proficiency in tools used daily (e.g. Excel, Word, Outlook), or career development skills (management, leadership, strategy), this innovative online benchmarking tool will give businesses an immediate visualisation of the areas that require improvement. It will then prescribe a tailored learning pathway to each individual using courses from their own portfolio as well as other learning providers.

A common complaint in L&D is that existing learning assets and libraries sit idle because they are kept in separate and difficult-to-navigate systems. The Global Filter unifies these different platforms in a single, personalized interface, acting as a catalyst to re-invigorate expensively produced or procured online resources.

Asked to explain the thinking behind the new solution, Filtered CEO Marc Zao Sanders commented: “As a company our aim has always been to apply our patented filtering technology across a portfolio of skills rather than just individual courses. The Global Filter is our realisation of this and we’re confident it can have a real impact on the productivity issues that are currently gripping the UK. By pinpointing the skills gaps throughout an organisation and offering tailored learning pathways to fill them we can improve them in the skills that are relevant to each individual and the role they perform.”

For more information about the Global Filter or Filtered’s unique approach to pinpointing skills gaps, minimising training time and increasing workforce productivity, visit them at stand 19 at Learning Live or contact them directly ([email protected] | +44 (0)20 7729 9043 |