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Groundbreaking LMS business model aims to revolutionise training for organisations; interview with Alison CEO, Mike Feerick.

Groundbreaking LMS business model aims to revolutionise training for organisations
Groundbreaking LMS business model aims to revolutionise training for organisations 

There's a new learning management system on the market. On the face of it this isn't news. There are many LMSs. Fosway tracks the market leaders and lists over 40 and the whole market contains upwards of 1,000 serving different regions and types of organisation. 

And the market is growing. Aside from the economic climate in different countries, when you look at growth over the next five years the numbers are high. LinkedIn reports the global LMS market will grow at 14% on average each year.

So why are we reporting on a new LMS in the market? Well, this one is free. It's from Alison, a provider of free courses to over 40 million learners and a social enterprise which believes in democratising learning. But is it any good, where does it fit, what kind of organisation might it suit? 

Alison believes its LMS is poised to transform the landscape of organisational learning and development. It aims to empower businesses, non-profits, and NGOs to compete on a global scale, fostering employee growth, retention, and engagement.

To make its case Alison CEO Mike Feerick joins Learning News.

Mike Feerick, CEO and Founder of Alison: "Alison was founded to make quality education and skills training accessible to all. To fulfill that mission, we have always provided learning and career development tools for free, giving people the resources to empower themselves and transform their lives. We wanted to translate that philosophy for organisations too. With the introduction of our Free Learning Management System, we are breaking down the barriers of training budgets and opening doors for organisations to invest in their most valuable asset - their people."

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