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eXact learning solutions releases ‘con-X’, new functionality for greater engagement and transformation of informal learning

Genoa, ItalyLearning NewseXact learning solutions

eXact learning solutions, the leading, global, ‘knowledge-transfer’ (LCMS) technology provider, is launching ‘con-X’, a new innovation to increase engagement across organisations, and transform knowledge-based content sharing. This new addition to the product suite aims to increase overall engagement rates and vastly improve RoI for a range of change initiatives.

con-X increases user engagement by allowing continuous feedback loops with key stakeholders. This will allow organizations to adjust, manage and improve knowledge-based initiatives quickly, while supporting the achievement of sustainable performance improvements. 

The latest release includes a wide range of functionality, including: allowing users to upload content; review/approve and feedback on content; the categorisation and cataloguing of content; dashboards and reporting; and xAPI tracking.

con-X’s new inclusion in the eXact learning solutions product suite provides personalization via system recommendations, based on user activity, preferences, and can be complemented with internal guidance. The technology also greater interaction by allowing users to rate, add to ‘favourites’ and comment. 

This new technology release enhances organization-wide communications in a variety of applications, such as: promoting an innovation culture by applying gamification; engaging customer-facing teams around new processes and policies; launching product releases to specific user-selected groupings; and facilitating onboarding, with tailored content delivery. 

Valerio Torda, CEO, states “we are very proud of our innovation culture, fostered in our ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Genoa, Italy, which is determined to lead the way in releasing innovation to support the global needs of all of our clients. Torda adds: “This has also been a great award-winning 12 months for us. In addition to a Brandon Hall Technology Award, for Content Management Technology, we have been recognised in two categories by Training Industry for our Authoring Technology, and our Learning Portal, and these are all testament to our continuing focus and emphasis on R&D”. 

eXact is currently supporting multi-national clients with R&D on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Biometrics. 

Fabrizio Giorgini, Head of Professional Development, will be speaking at the Learning Technologies summer Forum on ‘How AI is supporting learning’, and will describe the savings and efficiencies that eXact’s AI technology investments is currently providing to its multi-national clients, particularly around automatic translations. 

Valerio Torda further comments that “We have already completed (and executed on) considerable research. We are determined to be at the forefront of creative innovation, in order to seek efficiencies and improvements in benefits to be had from organizational transformation within our global community.