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Fighting Bribery - Eukleia Training releases new Training Resource Pack for UK Bribery Act

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Eukleia Training announces release of comprehensive resource pack for anti-corruption training.

Bribery Training pack from Eukleia Training
Bribery Training pack from Eukleia Training 

With the imminent full implementation of the UK Bribery Act on 1st July 2011, Eukleia Training has released a new pack to help companies meet their training requirements. "Fighting Bribery - Your Responsibilities" provides a comprehensive resource for compliance trainers and facilitators to deliver face to face training for their staff.

The pack includes the following:
• Bribery Act PowerPoint presentation (approx 35 slides)
• Full speaker-notes and facilitator’s guide
• Set of 10 case studies for discussion to test understanding and application of the material
• Animated "bribery challenge" quiz
• Legal briefing provided by Norton Rose LLP
• CD ROM containing all the training materials

The pack is designed to provide a complete training kit that can be directly deployed. However, all of the materials are included on a CD ROM in editable form so that they can be tailored to include specific aspects of the company’s policies and procedures.

Eukleia’s Commercial Director, Simon Cooper, commented:
“Eukleia has already delivered its online anti-bribery training course to more than half a million people, employed by its clients around the world. However, some companies may need to supplement this with face to face training for particular individuals. Other companies may not want to deploy online training at all, but are still looking for the best way to fulfil the training requirements set out in the Government’s guidance on adequate procedures.

In both cases, this new resource pack will save many hours of preparation time, can be deployed quickly and can be readily adapted to include internal procedures and controls.”

Further information about the course is available on this product data sheet or visit the website to get further information and trial access to view some of the materials in the pack.