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Control Risks and Eukleia Training announce strategic partnership to provide services for anti-bribery training.

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Eukleia Training and Control Risks have created a strategic partnership to provide training services to businesses to meet the requirements of the UK Bribery Act 2010. Together, the partners can deliver tailored e-learning courses for global awareness training and workshops for individuals in high risk jurisdictions around the world.

With today’s publication by the Ministry of Justice of the long-awaited UK Bribery Act guidance, the Act will become enforceable from July 1st. The imminent implementation of the UK Bribery Act has created an imperative for UK registered companies to define and implement adequate procedures for their businesses around the globe. Businesses are required to assess their risks, define new procedures to mitigate those risks, and implement training and communication programmes to raise awareness and modify behaviours of employees.

Control Risks and Eukleia Training have come together to provide a comprehensive package of services to meet the needs of clients across a range of sectors in this regard.

Control Risks has been helping its clients around the world manage risk and protect their reputation and integrity since 1975. With cross-sector knowledge and a local presence in the most high-risk locations, Control Risks provides consultancy and workshop training services to support anti-bribery and corruption programmes.

Eukleia Training is a compliance training specialist, with particular expertise in the financial services sector. Eukleia has developed e-learning training courses for some of the world’s largest banks, and has produced an online anti-bribery training course to coincide with the new legislation. The course is designed to be tailored by clients in different sectors to support their own policies and procedures, and has already been deployed to thousands of individuals in many different languages.

Eukleia’s Commercial Director Simon Cooper commented: “The UK Bribery Act has raised the bar for UK firms at home and abroad. The new corporate offence of ‘failure to prevent bribery’ means that it is vital to provide training that raises the awareness of every individual employee as to their responsibilities and obligations. e-learning provides the fastest and most cost effective route to achieving this, along with the built-in audit trail that comes from delivering the training via a learning management system.”

e-learning is the perfect medium for broadcasting a consistent message of company values and zero tolerance for corruption across a large, geographically dispersed organisation. It can be readily branded and tailored to reflect local policies and procedures, and can be translated into any language required.

However, for those individuals in high risk jurisdictions and in high risk roles, even the best e-learning cannot deliver the level of detail required to address certain potential scenarios. Therefore, supplementing the broad awareness training with specialist workshops delivered by Control Risks’ expert facilitators provides a complete blended training solution.

Chris Torrens, Control Risks Deputy Director, Global Client Services (EMEA) explained. “Control Risks has identified full compliance with the requirements of the Bribery Act 2010 as a key driver for many of our clients at this time, and has been supporting them with services to refine their associated policies and procedures. The company has also supported clients with the delivery of detailed training workshops which can be delivered in the high risk locations where they are most required through our global network of offices. “ He continued “However, Control Risks’ also saw the need for broad reaching awareness training, and identified Eukleia Training as a leading provider in this area. “

John Conyngham, Group Legal Counsel at Control Risks added, “We believe that the combined expertise of Control Risks and Eukleia Training brings together a unique package of services designed to help our clients meet the challenges of the new bribery act, both in the UK and around the globe.“