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New EssentialSkillz whitepaper outlines everything organisations need to know about online health and safety training

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Developer behind WorkWize LMS launches a new guide aimed at companies looking to explore the ins and outs of online health and safety training.


EssentialSkillz, the developer behind WorkWize LMS today launched a new guide aimed at companies looking to explore online health and safety training.  

The 23-page white paper covers a wide variety of topics including: 

  • What health and safety training is, what it should cover and why training is a good investment for organisations beyond complying with legislation. 

  • The pros and cons of classroom training vs online training and what they can both bring to the table.

  • A breakdown of key health and safety legislation that employees and organisations need to know. 

  • Essential features that organisations should consider when looking for effective health and safety training.

The launch of the whitepaper marks a period of exceptional growth for EssentialSkillz. The company, who recently won the BSIF Customer Service Award at the 2019 Health and Safety Event held in Birmingham, are currently working on a range of new courses centred on mental health and wellbeing.  

To download the whitepaper, visit