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EssentialSkillz releases new Prevent eLearning course

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Global eLearning provider, EssentialSkillz, has released a new Prevent eLearning course to help organisations provide knowledge on how to safeguard against extremism and radicalisation and to help prevent vulnerable people from being drawn into terrorism.


EssentialSkillz has released a new Prevent eLearning course aimed at organisations required to provide training to front line staff on the Prevent Duty. The Duty commenced on the 1st July 2015 and the course is targeted at educators and anyone working with students or vulnerable people within the community.

The course is designed to help provide the tools necessary to help identify individuals at risk of radicalisation and what actions should be taken if a person is suspected of, or may be at risk of, getting involved in extremist or terrorist activities.

"Working with a significant number of clients in the education sector, the Prevent Duty has become a very hot topic in recent months", commented Julian Roberts, Managing Director at EssentialSkillz. "As the Prevent Duty will be monitored by quality inspection organisations including Ofsted and the CQC, ensuring relevant staff have received training is a priority", Julian added.

EssentialSkillz is offering a free trial of the course to any organisation that is required to provide Prevent training to their staff.