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RoSPA Approval for 5 more Health and Safety E-Learning Courses from EssentialSkillz

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Industry leading Health and Safety E-Learning provider, EssentialSkillz, has received approval from RoSPA for a further 5 of their E-Learning courses, bringing their list of RoSPA Approved courses to 10.


EssentialSkillz has announced that a further 5 of its Health and Safety E-Learning Courses have been Approved by RoSPA. Each course was independently assessed and achieved the requirements of the approval system.

This brings the total list of courses Approved by RoSPA in the EssentialSkillz training libraray to 10. Each course has been checked to ensure that the legislation is correct and up to date and that the content provides a valuable learning experience for the end users.

The complete list of RoSPA Approved E-Learning courses from EssentialSkillz is:

"The RoSPA Approval is very important to both EssentialSkillz and our clients", commented Julian Roberts, Managing Director. "It is a seal of quality that shows why EssentialSkillz is now seen as an industry leading business. We are also very proud that every single course we have put forward for approval, has passed first time, without any recommended changes from RoSPA. This is a real testament to the quality of our courses and our teams attention to detail", added Julian.

EssentialSkillz offers a free trial on all of their courses and further information about the RoSPA Approved courses can be found on its web site.