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Fire Warden E-Learning released by EssentialSkillz

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Global Health and Safety E-Learning provider, EssentialSkillz, has released a new E-Learning course aimed at Fire Marshals and Fire Wardens.

Fire Warden E-Learning
Fire Warden E-Learning 

EssentialSkillz claims that there is a legal requirement for Fire Warden training in the workplace and that their E-Learning course could help businesses comply.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that the employer or owner as the 'responsible' person has overall responsibility for fire safety in their premises, but may appoint 'competent' persons such as Fire Wardens to assist in ensuring adequate fire safety procedures are implemented. The Regulatory Order also requires that where persons are appointed to assist, that they be provided with suitable training. Assistance may take the form of participating in the fire risk assessment and the subsequent development of an emergency plan. Fire wardens are then normally designated the responsibility of executing the emergency plan during a fire emergency.

EssentialSkillz says that the Fire Warden training course is designed to provide Fire Wardens with a knowledge of their duties and what actions to follow in the event of a fire. The course is completely customisable to allow organisations to add, delete or amend content as appropriate to their needs.

"Now that the HSE have introduced their new Fee For Intervention cost recovery scheme, we all need to make sure that our Health and Safety training is up to speed - and this includes Fire Wardens", commented Julian Roberts, Managing Director at EssentialSkillz. "By introducing this new Fire Warden E-Learning course, we are helping employers provide a safer working environment for their employees and making sure that their legal obligations are covered" he added.

EssentialSkillz offers a free evaluation for all of its E-Learning courses on their web site