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EssentialSkillz launch new version of popular Driver Safety E-Learning course DriveWize

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EssentialSkillz has launched a newly updated and enhanced version of its popular driver safety risk assessment and training software called DriveWize. EssentialSkillz is a leading provider of online safety training and risk assessment software and has added the newly updated course to their comprehensive range of e-learning solutions. According to EssentialSkillz the DriveWize e-learning course will enable organisations and workplaces to uphold their legal duty of care to occupational road users with the detailed, informative and interactive training and risk assessments incorporated in the new course.

EssentialSkillz is a global supplier of e-learning solutions aimed at satisfying business health and safety and human resources needs. DriveWize, in common with all of the online e-learning training courses produced by EssentialSkillz, is fully customisable so that the specific requirements of any particular individual business can be met. The newly updated course is fully editable using the authoring tool provided by EssentialSkillz, which has the great benefit of enabling companies to edit or add any content that they want, to more closely reflect their internal requirements. So on top of the highly instructive, up-to-date, easy to follow and concise pre-existing content already in the course, a company administrator can add unique details like on-site safety precautions or vehicle safety procedures that are specific to the company to make it more relevant to the users.

The newly updated DriveWize course has been completely redesigned and has a stylish new look, added interactive features and all the latest information in the world of driver safety. The increased element of interactivity encourages the user of the software to more actively participate in the knowledge transition process and EssentialSkillz expect the revamped course to greatly benefit employees with an increased awareness of driver safety related hazards and instruction on how to avoid them.

EssentialSkillz are keen to emphasise the need for driver safety, particularly in the wet summer months the country is currently experiencing. Therefore, in conjunction with the release of their new version of the DriveWize software, EssentialSkillz present a guide to safe motoring in wet conditions or the rain and hope that the following tips and advice will help keep our roads safe:

  • Check your car before you travel - do all the usual safety checks, paying particular attention to: tyres, wipers, lights and test your brakes.
  • Slow Down! It is harder to stop safely in wet weather and your stopping distance will be significantly longer than usual
  • Incresae the distance between you and vehicles infront of you - the two second rule should be at least doubled
  • Turn your headlights on. Even in bright weather - if it is raining it will help other drivers see you
  • Never drive through moving water if you can't see the ground through it; your car could be swept off the road
  • If you have to drive through a large puddle, do so slowly. It is very hard to judge the depth of the puddle. Driving quickly could damage your engine and you may end up in a dangerous situation if the water gets too deep. If it is deeper than the bottom of your doors, turn around and find an alternative route.
  • Avoid splashing pedestrians.