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EssentialSkillz launches newly updated version of ErgoWize - online Display Screen Equipment (DSE) risk assessment and training software

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E-Learning provider EssentialSkillz has launched a newly updated and enhanced version of its popular DSE risk assessment and training software, ErgoWize. The course will be available from January 30 2011. EssentialSkillz describes its online DSE Workstation risk assessment and training system as the most effective, cost-efficient and advanced DSE compliance software currently available.

New Look ErgoWize Course Featuring Enhanced Interactivity
New Look ErgoWize Course Featuring Enhanced Interactivity 

EssentialSkillz is a global supplier of e-learning solutions aimed at satisfying business health and safety and human resources needs. ErgoWize, like all of EssentialSkillz range of online e-learning training courses is fully customizable so that the specific requirements of any particular individual business can be met as the course content can be edited and modified according to the wishes of the client. EssentialSkillz new service, O-LAS Branding, also enables the courses to be branded so that any business can apply their own particular branding style to EssentialSkillz O-LAS Learning Management System (LMS) and comprehensive suite of courses.

The newly updated ErgoWize course has been redesigned so that it now comes with even more interactive features that fully demonstrate the best ergonomic advice currently available in an informative, stylish and concise manner. The increased element of interactivity encourages the user of the software to more actively participate in the knowledge transition process and EssentialSkillz expect the revamped course to greatly benefit employees with an increased awareness of DSE related hazards and instruction on how to avoid them.

On top of the refined delivery of course content there are multiple other benefits to using ErgoWize according to EssentialSkillz. They state that the online content can be delivered across multiple sites and thus offers the attraction of convenience to larger companies. Furthermore, ErgoWize course content is designed with the user in mind and encourages users to resolve their own ergonomic issues should they arise which negates the need for risk assessors to get involved in the majority of cases. Businesses therefore don't have to pool as much time and devote as many resources to deal with these problems as the ErgoWize software can do much of that job for them.

Although the uncertain economic climate is currently causing a lot of businesses to review their budgets, EssentialSkillz argue that the newly updated ErgoWize course will not only safeguard the health and safety of the office-worker, but can ultimately help to eliminate many potentially high long-term costs on a business.

Managing Director of EssentialSkillz, Julian Roberts explained "The workplace has seen an increase in sick days, musculoskeletal injuries, compensation claims and fines in recent times so getting the workforce fully trained and up to speed with expert ergonomic guidelines is more important than ever. We think this new version of ErgoWize not only protects the safety of the workforce but potentially also protects the long-term financial security of the company itself".

EssentialSkillz Learning Management System, known as O-LAS, seamlessly integrates with the ErgoWize software and allows health and safety and human resource managers to review, track and manage course participation. On completion of the self-paced online training course the employees are awarded customized certificates as a recognition of their new awareness of expected ergonomics standards.