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EssentialSkillz courses now compatible with iPads

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EssentialSkillz, global provider of online safety training and risk assessment software, has announced that its complete library of online safety courses are fully compatible with iPads as it enters the exciting new era of M-learning. All of its class-leading E-learning (and now M-learning) solutions include rich animations, crisp clean graphics and engaging content. No Flash was used in the development of the learning content so all courses are fully compatible with iPad's.

EssentialSkillz courses on an iPad
EssentialSkillz courses on an iPad 

As with all things in business, value is the key and by balancing the need to safeguard against workplace accidents while at the same time investing in affordable and high quality health and safety training, value can certainly be had. Nowadays training needs are being adapted to the rapidly developing technological environment we live in and these developments can provide a more practical, portable, affordable and easy to use training delivery system without affecting quality.

We have entered a new era in the working environment, an environment that is rapidly changing, global, active, collaborative multi-generational and technologically advanced. By 2015 it is estimated that the more than 40% of the workforce in the UK will consist of millennials (those born between the years 1977-1997), a generation who grew up playing arcade games and using PC's and whom now possess smart-phones and tablets. Analysts predict that over 7.1 billion connected devices will be plugged into the net within the next decade making it all the more important to design and deliver effective learning content to both exploit and adapt to the ever-changing hi-tech market. The changes in the technological infrastructure we see around us and the rapid developments in how information is being communicated and stored are revolutionary and rather than merely relying on the same old training content and using the same old tried and trusted information delivery methods, a radical new way of approaching the whole learning question is required if we want to take full advantage of the technological tools we have armed ourselves with. Certainly there is a great enthusiasm in the marketplace to embrace new technological trends. Times are changing and businesses had better adapt fast or be left behind. EssentialSkillz believe their online training courses can satisfy the demands of the modern workplace in terms of accessibility, reliability, course quality, ease of use and information management.

EssentialSkillz health and safety and human resource training courses have been designed to meet every conceivable customer need. Modern technological aspirations aim towards portability and ease of use and as a result the use of tablets is on the rise. Ipads are becoming an ever more viable option for people to conduct their business and M-learning (mobile learning - learning that can be delivered and supported entirely by mobile technology) is something that all forward-thinking enterprises should be aware of. EssentialSkillz are catering for this particular market by providing ever more multi-platform, accessible and interactive content so that the user can enjoy an absorbing learning experience through the comfort and convenience of their own personal tablet device.

EssentialSkillz have designed their courses with the burgeoning mobile platform in mind. By using HTML to design their courses and the EssentialSkillz design team have been able to provide cross platform compatibility so their suite of learning products run smoothly on tablets as well as PCs and laptops. The online learning software developed by EssentialSkillz produces stylish and engaging content with crisp graphics, slick animations and a diverting interactive element and because no Flash is used (Apple devices are not compatible with Flash devices), users of Apple products can take advantage of the acclaimed range of learning products on offer from EssentialSkillz.

Managing Director of EssentialSkillz, Julian Roberts said:

"M-Learning is something we are fully prepared for here at EssentialSkillz, nowadays it's all about convenience and people want to be able to access information whenever they want, wherever they want. The use of mobile devices and tablets is on the increase and we aim to be flexible enough to respond to this growing business requirement. Our online e-learning training allows a business to make training content more accessible than ever, across multiple sites if required. The content can also be customized using our O-LAS LMS and branded to the individual needs of a particular company using our O-LAS Branding service -and all of this can be done from a customer's iPad if necessary."