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COSHH E-Learning (Care of Substances Hazardous to Health) - New course released by EssentialSkillz

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EssentialSkillz has launched a newly updated and enhanced version of its popular COSHH e-learning course. EssentialSkillz is a leading provider of online safety training and risk assessment software and has added the newly updated course to their comprehensive range of e-learning solutions. According to EssentialSkillz the COSHH e-learning course uses rich graphics and interactions to engage employees and ensure the important information contained in the course is retained.

COSHH E-Learning
COSHH E-Learning 

EssentialSkillz is a global supplier of e-learning solutions aimed at satisfying business health and safety and human resources requirements.

COSHH (Care of Substances Hazardous to Health) e-learning, in common with all of the online e-learning training courses produced by EssentialSkillz, is fully customisable, enabling any business to make the course specific to their own requirements. The newly updated course is fully editable using the authoring tool integrated into the EssentialSkillz LMS (Learning Management System), including amending text, replacing or adding images, adding links and embedding video or Flash content.

The newly updated COSHH e-learning course has benefitted from new graphics throughout providing a fresh, modern look and feel to the course. "We have a constant process of updating and enhancing our content", commented Julian Roberts, Managing Director at EssentialSkillz. "All of our courses receive regular updates and we are delighted with the new look that the team have given the COSHH course."

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