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Swine Flu and You

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First the slowdown, now the meltdown? What every business needs to prepare for now! Following the World Health Organisation's recent upgrade of Swine Flu to pandemic level 6 has released a new e-information course, 'Swine Flu and You'.

Following the World Health Organisation's recent upgrade of Swine Flu to pandemic level 6 has released a new e-information course, "Swine Flu and You" to help employers inform their employees on what they can do to protect themselves from infection and prevent the virus from spreading.

Every business, small and large, needs to plan now for how they will manage when the virus returns with extra potency this autumn. CEO of EssentialSkillz, Tony Dervan, believes that "the sight of commuters wearing face masks on the streets will only lead to general panic and massive disruption to business if plans are not put in place now and effectively communicated to all employees. Businesses must prepare for a significant increase in employee absence rates if schools are closed and travel on public transport is deemed to be high risk." While businesses of every shape and size are currently struggling to find their way through the economic slowdown Tony Dervan fears that "the known known of this autumn's flu pandemic may be the last straw for many."

EssentialSkillz specialise in harnessing the power of the internet to communicate vital information to employees. Using a combination of email and web delivered information EssentialSkillz can target critical messages and policies to every employee and report on who has, and who has not, viewed and understood the information. This enables businesses to improve the health and wellbeing of their workforce and reduce the cost of absence while demonstrating due diligence to enforcement authorities. Tony Dervan summarises by predicting that "this autumn a well communicated Swine Flu Action Plan will be worth its weight in gold!"


For more information on EssentialSkillz and Swine Flu & You contact Tony Dervan (CEO) +353.86.6067403 or Ryan Pavey (Marketing Director) +44.7734.446711.

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