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Open eLMS Changes to Named Versions, Releases Morpheus

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Open eLMS to change from numbered to named releases - Morpheus brings even more customisation to Open eLMS


eLearning WMB has announced that Open eLMS will switch from numbered versions, to named versions henceforth. This was done in response to feedback from our customers, alongside a communications initiative that will make it easier to view, initiate and recognise changes and to help all of our users differentiate between releases. 


The Morpheus Release makes over 36 changes to the Open eLMS suite of products, including making changes to the UX, mailing features and a raft of new configuration options that will allow clients to enjoy even greater flexibility with their LMS.

Latest changes are available to view at and this will be updated with every new release. For existing clients, you will continue to receive email updates as appropriate in the future.