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eLearningWMB offers BLM Awareness course for businesses

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With this week being an important anniversary for the movement, now is a good time to revisit, reflect and learn.

As one of the largest and most widespread social causes of our generation, and particularly of the last decade, the Black Lives Matter movement has been front and centre in mainstream political discourse for some time. 

This has not been without difficulties, and with discussion becoming increasingly polarised online, eLearningWMB has produced this course on the movement, and why it matters, for businesses.

With the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death this week, now is the time to reflect and learn. 

This eLearning is available to download for installation into an existing LMS platform, or to embed on a website for zero cost - and can be accessed via the eLearningWMB website, along with our Coronavirus Awareness Course (also free).