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eCom automates Course Certification in eNetLearn LMS

Dunfermline, ScotlandLearning NewseCom Learning Solutions

eCom's eNetLearn LMS gets a new and updated Course Certification feature, automatically generating certificates for learners on course completion; cuts administration time considerably and improves learner experience. The latest update of eNetLearn also includes a host of new and expanded features for LMS administrators and learners.


Among the LMS’s expanded and updated features is the Course Certification feature, which automatically generates a certificate for learners on completion of a course - cutting administration time considerably and giving learners instant gratification. Course certificates can be created as editable pdfs and can automatically pull through data, such as the name of the course, the date and learner’s name.

Other expanded and updated features of the latest version of eNetLearn are:

  • Its updated Security safeguards keep data safe – and learners secure.
  • The Evidence feature enhances the learning experience and adds a further layer of accountability for learners. Rather than have learners complete a course, take a test and then never need to return to the subject, eNetLearn learners submit evidence to the administrator for feedback and approval (or rejection). This Evidence feature is helpful for those who need to collect specific pieces of information at different points of a learner’s journey - such as to meet the requirements of GDPR, compliance other regulatory needs.
  • The Booking Management feature enables administrators to organise any learning-related event, whether delivered online or face-to-face, from one location. It allows for customising attendee instructions and can automate sending out delegate reminders.
  • Single Sign On (SSO), which simplifies the learner’s life by keeping them logged-in to the system, once they’ve logged-in via a main interface - such as Microsoft or Windows.
  • Its eCommerce feature lets those selling their eLearning materials to manage their store, 24/7. Allied to the LMS’s Catalogue feature, organisations can add items and set prices, offer discounts and allow customers to buy content on behalf of others using vouchers.


Allan Maclean, eCom’s Marketing Manager, explained, “eNetLearn is a mobile-first LMS that gives learners access to structured, self-service eLearning and support materials in a range of disciplines and helps organisations prepare their teams for the future of work. This digital learning solution reaches learners wherever they are and whenever they need these materials.


“Clients tell us that using eNetLearn promotes learner engagement, rewards learning, drives the acquisition of knowledge and skills, and incentivises learning,” he said.


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