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eCom speaks on Digital delivery at British Council online Conference

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The digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom Scotland, will be speaking on ‘digital delivery’ at the British Council’s International Education Virtual Festival.

The British Council’s International Education Virtual Festival which, this year, takes the form of an online conference from 18th to 21st January, attracts an audience from the fields of international marketing, academics, recruitment, support and strategy staff from UK schools, colleges and universities, along with English language teaching providers, as well as British Council staff from over 40 countries.

The theme of this year’s event is ‘Sustainable Futures for International Education’.

According to the British Council, “Over the past year, we’ve witnessed how fragile our world can be. The sector has shown much resilience, and the speed at which it’s adapted to overcome challenges has been truly breath taking but much uncertainty lies ahead. The future of UK international education will be dictated by the sector’s perseverance to adapt to new challenges, innovate and collectively develop a sustainable future for the industry.”

eCom Group CEO, Linda Steedman, commented, “In the light of the current coronavirus pandemic, organisations of all sizes need to consider how they’ll digitally transform their business to cope with demand. While significant change – such as brought about by the pandemic - can prompt digital disruption, organisations need new solutions to be competitive, improve productivity and capacity, as well as close digital skills gaps using online learning technologies.

“One of today’s key learning technologies trends involves using systems that provide insights into the data they collect. That’s why all eCom’s eNet applications focus on giving our clients the data they need. 

“We have 25 years’ experience in supporting organisations on their digital journey and helping them transform their business by embracing new digital technology, allowing them to remain competitive and improve overall productivity,” Linda added.

“A key challenge for organisations is how to get appropriate learning data – something that isn’t helped by much of the existing systems’ data having been designed for face-to-face practical session outcomes. eCom’s approach is exemplified in our latest digital product, eNetReality - a virtual reality (VR) authoring tool - which includes a number of delivery options so, no matter what their current learning technology is, users can get the data and insight they need.”

The International Education Virtual Festival 2021 will explore issues surrounding the global pandemic as well as other factors that may have an impact on the sustainability of UK international education including climate change, the UK's exit from the European Union, intra-regional mobility/competitors, and the acceleration of online provision.

The Festival will take place on a virtual conference platform that has multiple interactive areas optimised for connecting and engaging. The platform’s aim is to provide delegates with an interactive online experience to connect them globally with like-minded international education strategists. 

For more details about the event and to register to attend, visit: British Council’s International Education Virtual Festival.

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