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Understanding Medical Imaging: A Simple Guide Developed by eCom Scotland

Dunfermline, ScotlandLearning NewseCom Learning Solutions

SINAPSE* in collaboration with eCom Scotland launch a suite of 10 online modules covering medical imaging techniques.


With so many different imaging techniques in medicine, sometimes it can be difficult to understand how they work and their uses. This is no longer the case as a new online resource is now available.

In total 10 eLearning modules have been created in a format that is user friendly and easily accessible. They explain in a non-technical way how medical imaging techniques work and how they are used. With lots of illustrations and graphics the modules are easy to understand.

The module themes are:

  1. MRI Basics
  2. Avanced MRI
  3. Clinical MRI
  4. MRI Safety
  5. PET and SPECT Clinical
  6. PET and SPECT Biological
  7. PET and SPECT Technical
  8. CT – Technique and Applications
  9. Ultrasound – Technique and Applications
  10. Electrophysiology – Brain, Ears and Eyes

Each module takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete. However, as the modules are online access is available 24/7 and so users have the freedom to dip in and out as required over a 10 week period. Each module is priced at £9.95. However, bulk discounts are available upon request.

These modules lend themselves to the new eHealth Strategy with the emphasis on “person centred” care and they could contribute towards your CPD points and can be added to your CV as a valuable competence resource. A SINAPSE Certificate is issued to all who complete the course.

Professor David Wyper, Director of SINAPSE comments “ We knew what we wanted to present but we did not know how to make best use of illustrations rather than just words. That's where eCom came in, an award winning eLearning company, regarded as a market leader in the eLearning industry. Working with the staff of eCom was a thrill and we are really excited about the end products. We hope that they will be widely used by those who want to know a bit more about medical scanners."

The intended audiences are:

Health Care Professionals: you might work as a health care professional and want to know a bit more about the imaging techniques used for clinical diagnosis.

Educators: you might work in education and be on the lookout for interesting material for students.

Patients/Friends and Relatives of Patients: you, a friend or a relative may have been referred for a scan and you may wish to find out how the scanner works and what it measures.

Students: if you are in secondary or higher education and are looking for interesting material about medical imaging you should find it in these modules.

SINAPSE* (The Scottish Imaging Network: A Platform for Scottish Excellence) is a medical imaging partnership involving 6 leading Scottish universities.