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SINAPSE Launches a Suite of eLearning Resources Explaining Medical Imaging Developed by eCom Scotland

Dunfermline, ScotlandLearning NewseCom Learning Solutions

Over the last six months SINAPSE (The Scottish Imaging Network : A Platform for Scientific Excellence) has been working with award winning company eCom Scotland to create a pool of eLearning resources explaining medical imaging.

In total 10 modules have been created in a format that is user friendly, easily accessible and, most importantly, explaining in a non-technical way how medical imaging techniques work, their different uses and applications. 

The modules neatly lend themselves to the new eHealth Strategy with the emphasis on “person centred” care.   The modules can be purchased online at providing immediate access to the materials for a 12 month period. Each module will take approximately 30 minutes to complete will all users’ progress managed and tracked using eCom’s learning management system eNetLearn. 

The topics covered include: MRI Basics; Advanced MRI; Clinical MRI; MRI Safety; PET and SPECT Clinical; PET and SPECT Biological; PET and SPECT Technical; CT – Technique and Applications; Ultrasound – Technique and Applications; Electrophysiology – Brains, Ear and Eyes.

The authors of these materials have been selected from the SINAPSE pool of experts. SINAPSE is an academic partnership involving six Scottish Universities including the four with Medical Schools. We were therefore able to draw on leading experts to produce material explaining each type of imaging. All authors have doctorates in science or medicine and have worked with IT experts at eCom to produce material that explains how specific techniques work without relying on an understanding of maths, physics or medicine. All that is required of those who study the material is a thirst for knowledge.

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