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Reliance on e-learning set to rise in 2012

Dunfermline, ScotlandLearning NewseCom Learning Solutions

eCom Scotland, a provider of online learning and assessment, is predicting a significant rise in the use of e-learning amongst corporate L&D departments during 2012.

Work conducted by eCom Scotland, amongst over 100 of its clients, is indicating that corporate L&D departments will continue to rely more of the use of e-learning to build essential skills across their workforces. And that the rise will be seen across all sizes of organisation and across both the public and private sector, as businesses come to rely more on the economic advantages that e-learning promises.

eCom Scotland’s Karen Thomson explains: “Our client base is increasingly relying on e-learning and new learning technologies and we expect this trend to accelerate during 2012, driven on by the general tough economic situation. Organisations are seeking greater efficiencies and L&D will play its part by moving much more quickly to adopt new ways of delivering learning and in more efficient ways.”

In addition, eCom Scotland has set out a series of observations and predictions that it expects to see emerge during 2012, including: a rise in the use skills and talent management applications; increased use of authoring applications, wider adoption of HTML5 for mobile learning development; an increase in ‘in-house’ development of e-learning; and an increasing demand for instructional design skills.

The full list of eCom Scotland's 2012 market predictions is available on its web site.

eCom Scotland’s predictions are based on its experience and eCom Scotland will not be held responsible for any actions taken as a result of its predictions.