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eCom Scotland wins NHS Education for Scotland (NES) Tender

Dunfermline, ScotlandLearning NewseCom Learning Solutions

Development of Online eLearning to Support the Development of Capability in Quality Improvement across NHSScotland. We are pleased to announce that eCom Scotland has been selected to develop a suite of eLearning resources for NES.

The NES QI Education Programme aims to support capacity and capability building in quality improvement skills by delivering a range of educational solutions to support the delivery of the Quality Strategy. The QI Education Programme aims to support staff across all of NHSScotland to access learning in quality improvement thinking and techniques.

One of a number of initiatives is the development of a QI Education Curriculum Framework. The framework is designed to support all staff across NHSScotland to identify the gaps between their current knowledge and skills and future requirements and provide access to high quality learning resources, including the eLearning resources to be developed by eCom.

eCom is strongly placed to work effectively with NES and the quality improvement team, having a very clear understanding of NES' legislative requirements and drivers and extensive experience in creating high quality eLearning resources.

Shona Cowan, The Quality Improvement Education Programme Manager comments, "eCom proposed a solution that clearly matched our technical and educational requirements for the development of high quality eLearning resources. We value their extensive experience in instructional design and their proposed pedagogical approach. Their ability to support subject matter experts with content authoring was very welcome. We are confident that eCom will be able to support us in the development of exceptional resources to support all NHSScotland staff in learning about quality improvement."

eCom propose to fully build the eLearning resources using Rapid Development toolsets, with each eLearning module expertly designed and pitched at the correct level of course design and appropriate delivery mode. As part of the design approach, NES will have full control of the eLearning resources with the ability to change and update the content as required in the future.

The success of the project will rely heavily on eCom working with Subject Matter Experts to restructure existing materials to promote questioning and discussion, and identify any gaps where new content might be required.

Based on eCom's extensive experience in creating online learning, our pedagogic approach will focus on:

• Learner-centred design
• Encouraging learner motivation
• Adapting to the needs of the individual learner

For further information on our range of work with the NHS please contact [email protected]