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eCom Scotland - Making you 'Green' with Envy

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eCom chooses UKFast, the first Carbon Neutral hosting Company in the UK as our leading provider.

As eCom Scotland is committed to being a responsible company, changing the way people work, live, play and learn in more sustainable ways, it was only natural that we choose UKFast, the first Carbon Neutral hosting Company in the UK as our leading provider.

UKFast can boast:
100% carbon neutral office and data centres
100% carbon neutral for all current client hosting solutions (free of charge)
100% carbon neutral for all new client hosting solutions (free of charge)

With excellent service, UKFast are proving they are a responsible and reliable company to deal with.  

In tandem with our theme of "Going Green" eCom as a company can help you play an important role in reducing your carbon footprint from both an organisational and employee perspective.

With eCom helping you make eLearning easy you will be well on the way to benefiting from a range of additional company/employee benefits related to cost and time. Travel time and associated costs will be reduced and the per learner cost compared to traditional learning methods is greatly reduced. And today with carbon footprint high on everyone's agenda eLearning is better for the environment compared to some traditional methods of learning as paper waste is reduced. It also contributes to the reduction in CO2 emissions by eliminating the need for travelling.

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About eCom Scotland

eCom Scotland Ltd are pioneers in the field of eLearning and eAssessment embracing technology to deliver solutions that produce the best results and exceed client expectations. From a fully SCORM compliant Learning Management System, to authoring and assessment tools, to forums and discussions tools, eCom can offer a complete solution to your training and learning needs.

eCom are experts in Skills Management and SkillsLocker™ is our proven solution to skills management, development and monitoring, offering complete control and visibility over staff competencies.

Our range of award-winning solutions are already in use by a large number of organisations ranging from SME's to corporates, government and awarding bodies. Clients include The Scottish Parliament, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, Scottish Water, The SCORE Group, The Improvement Service.

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