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BBC1 Scotland - Rip off Britain - eCom Client offers exceptional pension advice

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On Monday 28 February BBC1 Scotland's Rip off Britain television programme featured one of eCom Scotland's clients, who are key players in the field of pension advice.

On Monday 28 February BBC's Rip off Britain featured one of eCom Scotland's clients, who are key players in the field of pension advice.

The website developed by eCom Scotland is the ideal "one stop shop" for all things pension. It is the place to come to find out if your pension could be worth more and the chances are it could be worth a lot more.

The site works along similar lines to comparison websites. For example when searching for car insurance or utility bills but this time addresses the plethora of information associated with pensions. The site offers a simple, straightforward analysis of your pension. It is a no nonsense site that puts your findings into an easy to understand, plain English format.

The majority of individuals do not really understand what their pensions are worth and more importantly how much it might be worth when needed most. At an independent review of what you have got and who could provide it more cost effectively is undertaken with the result that you can get more pension income. will produce a report explaining how much more your pension could be worth and whether the recommendation would be to move to a new provider. There is no cost for this report and no obligation to do anything when you receive it. So there is no commitment to take any action but at the same time what do you have to lose?

The website was launched in early 2009 and continues to grow and evolve, with the recent feature on prime time television, boosting the unique visitors by over 300% since the broadcast. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority

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