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Dramatic shifts in this year’s L&D Global Sentiment Survey

LondonLearning NewsDonald H Taylor

The 8th annual L&D Global Sentiment Survey – launched at the beginning of this month – is already showing some dramatic shifts in comparison with last year, according to survey author, Donald H Taylor.

The Learning and Development Global Sentiment Survey 2021 #GSS21
The Learning and Development Global Sentiment Survey 2021 #GSS21 

“Normally, the results shift a little from year to year,” says Donald. “But this year is showing the impact of Covid-19. Compared to last year, there are some major differences.”

The survey asks the same question annually: “What will be hot in workplace L&D next year?” Respondents choose three options from a list of 15, with that list changing slightly each year to reflect the shifting priorities of L&D (Learning and Development). This year, ‘Video’, which slumped to 15th on the table last year, has been replaced by ‘Reskilling and upskilling’.

“Perhaps it’s no surprising, in the wake of the pandemic, that this new option has proved popular,” says Donald. “But I’m also struck by the renewed interest in other options that had been languishing in the middle of the table for years. In early polling, consultative options such as ‘Showing value’, and ‘Consulting more deeply with the business’ are ranking far more highly than delivery-focused options such as ‘Virtual and augmented reality’ and ‘Mobile delivery’.”

Since the survey was launched, votes have come in from 35 countries, a number Donald confidently expects to at least double by the time polling closes in January, noting that 86 countries participated in the 2020 survey.

The L&D Global Sentiment Survey has one compulsory question, and takes less than one minute to complete. To complete the survey (and see the latest responses), go to: L&D Global Sentiment Survey 2021.