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Newcross Healthcare Expands Docebo Learning Platform to Provide Vital COVID-19 Training to all Employees

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In light of the ongoing COVID-19 events, a leading provider of healthcare staff and support, Newcross Healthcare, prepares to deliver vital safety and care training to its staff through Docebo, the leading learning management software (LMS) provider

In light of the ongoing global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, Newcross Healthcare, one of the UK’s leading providers of healthcare staff and support, will deliver vital knowledge and training to its staff using Docebo, a leading AI-Powered Learning Platform. With over 8,500 staff across the UK, Newcross will be equipping its staff with knowledge and practical guidance on coronavirus, enabling staff to keep safe as they continue to support clients and service users.

Given the fast-paced nature of the coronavirus outbreak, Newcross needed to provide clinical training to all of its staff quickly and effectively. Collaborating with Docebo has allowed the company to expand the roll-out of virus protection and control training. This will ensure that every member of staff can access the training. As an employer in a highly regulated and safety-critical sector, this has enabled Newcross to communicate updates to its partners, Care Commissioning Groups, regulatory bodies, care homes, residential homes and supported living environments.

Mark Story, Head of Learning Innovation at Newcross Healthcare said: “Our staff play a critical role in the UK’s health and social care system and may be called upon to treat patients with coronavirus. We have a responsibility to our staff to ensure that we provide the up-to-date training and support they need to keep safe and provide an excellent standard of care to service users. Using digital learning tools like Docebo has given us the ability to deliver training to those who need it most, quickly, in a flexible way and with full traceability.”

Technology is helping companies react faster to industry changes or matters involving global health. Within days, Docebo has supported Newcross to roll-out a global training programme, enabling its staff to undertake the course. If this same training were to take place in-person, it would have involved 900 face-to-face events and over 9 weeks to reach everyone. By comparison, the UK’s first coronavirus case was reported on 31 January, under six weeks ago.

Online learning enables companies to distil messages and information and aggregate them in one source. This is especially important in healthcare, as compliance is required to guarantee that the right staff are deployed to the right environments. An online-first approach to enterprise learning enables this to be effectively monitored and reported on.

“The ongoing Coronavirus global health emergency has impacted the global economy and population in ways we haven’t seen before. Through the lens of business and enterprise learning, it has also made us all rethink how we work, learn and move,” said Docebo CEO Claudio Erba. “In this instance, Newcross has been able to respond quickly and is now ready to provide learning content to its staff in response to changes in advice and regulatory requirements. Technology is the catalyst for so much good change, and the Docebo Learning Platform has enabled Newcross to apply new thinking and knowledge quickly.”

As the Covid-19 situation evolves, Docebo will continue to support Newcross and other organizations needing support in addressing this global challenge.

About Newcross Healthcare

Founded in 1996, Newcross Healthcare is one of Britain’s largest and fastest-growing independent healthcare providers. In addition to providing nursing and care resource to hospitals, care homes and other care facilities, Newcross is one of the most extensive providers of specialist complex care in the home in the UK. Newcross also provides training, development and assessment to the healthcare sector.