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Introducing the New Docebo for Salesforce

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Supports Continuous Learning Within a Single Environment

Get the most out of Salesforce and experience seamless AI-powered continuous learning with the new Docebo for Salesforce. Extend Salesforce’s reach and support learning across your entire enterprise within a single environment by embedding Docebo directly into Salesforce.

The all-new integration from Docebo offers seamless artificial intelligence-powered learning, enhancing onboarding to sales enablement, all directly in Salesforce providing learning opportunities to dynamic and growing sales, marketing, and customer success teams.

“Taking a look at our previous integration with Salesforce and how our customers were using it, we realized that the only true way that they’ll get the most benefits and value out of their investment is by literally embedding every learning aspect that they need to drive their business directly into Salesforce, “ said Mirko Puliafito, Docebo’s Product Director.

Inject Social Learning

Unlike most LMS and Salesforce integrations, which focus specifically on formal learning without any ongoing or experiential capabilities, the new embed from Docebo fosters a culture of social learning by supporting how people learn in the flow of work.

Easily Train Your Partners and Customers from Your Salesforce Lightning Community

The integration between Docebo and Salesforce includes the support in Salesforce Lightning Communities. Docebo now enables the use of communities to train customers and networks of partners on products, set up certification programs and promoting informal learning to foster cooperation. Plus, the new embed can use data from Docebo to create and populate Salesforce reports and dashboards.

Get More Insightful Reports and Dashboards

Docebo For Salesforce’s new architecture makes data in reports more precise, enabling the data needed to drive decisions, such as consumption, attendance, completion, and progress. It is now easier than ever to replicate analytics for courses, learning plans, webinars, and instructor-led training with relative tracking data in Salesforce to create reports and dashboards on the status of training and correlate them with sales and partner sales performance.

Satisfy Your IT Team’s Security Requirements

The new integration adopts 100% of Salesforce’s own package architecture security mechanism, ensuring complete peace of mind for IT stakeholders. This package architecture requires the integration to strictly control users, credentials, and access to content by enforcing Salesforce’s own natively-built security mechanism, practices, and controls.

Get Set Up Faster with an Enhanced Synching Mechanism

A completely redesigned architecture makes it easier to configure, evaluate, run a pilot and go live, with far less need for setup work and minimal dependency on dedicated support from Docebo.

Experience continuous learning and enable teams to achieve their best results with the new Docebo for Salesforce.

About Docebo

Docebo is changing the way people learn with artificial intelligence. While traditional enterprise learning technologies have dictated the way people learn with formal courses pushed from the top down, Docebo’s learning platform facilitates automated and personalized learning experiences at scale in the flow of work to drive growth, organizational performance and revenue. Docebo is designed to power a cohesive L&D strategy and has been embraced by more than 1,500 companies around the world for its ability to satisfy multiple use cases for both internal and external enterprise learning.