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Enterprise Learning Personalization Takes Off With Docebo 7.7

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Docebo tailors individualized learning experiences while creating a completely new way to enhance and empower brand identity with mobile learning.


June 5, 2019 - Docebo, the enterprise learning platform powered by artificial intelligence, unveils its latest product update establishing personalization of both the learner experience and brand identity.

Docebo is unleashing the power of personalized brand recognition into learning and enabling customers to create their very own mobile learning app. The on-demand app builder provides the app structure, implementation services, and 360-degree branding personalization needed to provide learners a continuous, AI-powered social learning experience while maximizing a company’s ability to facilitate learning across multiple channels.

“We are the first in the market to offer this level of customization,” said Riccardo Galimberti, Product Owner at Docebo. “This is a truly extraordinary opportunity, even more so for those companies that have extended enterprise learning programs, with learners outside the walls of their organization. We can help our customers spread their identity and deepen their brand footprint.”

But learning doesn’t stop at the download of an app, it only begins. Docebo is furthering their advancements in artificial intelligence by providing both learners and admins with advanced AI-powered enrollment and suggestions. As the content in the platform is constantly expanding, especially with social learning and user-generated content, it's vital to suggest learning resources that are relevant and personalized to a learner’s required (and desired) learning experience.

This new level of individualized learning opportunities enhance engagement, improves course completions and accelerates organizational growth through individual empowerment and professional improvement.

Learning platform admins will now see an AI-suggested list of learners when enrolling them into a course. This functionality produces an experience where the administrator spends less time brainstorming users that will benefit most from the course while establishing a more personalized journey for their learners.

Additionally, managers now have a direct line into the development of their reports with tailored AI-powered enrollment suggestions for each team member within their My Team dashboard to amplify team performance. Plus, next content suggestions for learners help the organization make the most the user-generated content that lies within its learning platform.

“AI is the key to simplification and personalization,” said Andrea Camagni, Product Owner of Docebo’s Core Features. “By sifting through and analyzing the huge amount of historical data of all users within the platform, managers can focus on a tailor-made solution curated perfectly for each individual learner.”

Docebo leads the learning technology industry with forward-thinking product developments and fast-paced advancements in functionality. The team wants to ensure everyone has a chance to experience these developments firsthand. With Docebo 7.7, administrators can take advantage of Docelab. This new beta concept allows administrators to test new Docebo features and products in the platform, assess usefulness and provide feedback to Docebo on what they would like to see next. Testing these new features is free and eliminates the need to purchase and create sandbox environments.

All this and much more is now available with Docebo 7.7. Embrace learning personalization from the brand to the learner and admin experience with an enterprise learning platform that elevates learning outcomes to strengthen organizational growth and performance.

About Docebo

Docebo is changing the way people learn with artificial intelligence. While traditional enterprise learning technologies have dictated the way people learn with formal courses pushed from the top down, Docebo’s AI Learning Platform facilitates personalized and automated learning experiences in the flow of work to drive growth, organizational performance and revenue. Docebo is designed to power a cohesive L&D strategy, and has been embraced by more than 1,500 companies around the world for its ability to satisfy multiple use cases for both internal and external enterprise learning.