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Closing Skills Gaps with Docebo Perform’s Targeted Learning Approach

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The release of Docebo Perform introduces the ability to identify skills gaps and address them through learning interventions. With Docebo's new Perform module, HR and L&D leaders can ensure they are able to execute on the company’s vision.


Docebo, the leading learning management platform for business, is helping businesses prepare for the future of work with the introduction of Docebo Perform to its award-winning platform.  With Docebo Perform, Human Resources and Learning & Development leaders are now empowered to address skill gaps in their organization and ensure they are equipped to execute on the company’s vision.

“The fast pace of innovation today guarantees that the skills businesses and employees will need to succeed tomorrow are not the same as those needed today,” says Claudio Erba, Docebo CEO and founder. “Learning technology must enable businesses to navigate new opportunities and new business pressures, to get them to where they need to be in the future.”

This view is supported by industry research. In Brandon Hall Group’s 2017 HCM Outlook, survey respondents stressed that “alignment between learning strategy and business goals” would be receiving the most attention of any area of learning and development over the next 12 months, with more than a third of respondents (36.1%) saying this alignment would receive “heavy attention.”

However, existing approaches to ensuring a company’s workforce is trained to execute on its business goals are often expensive, time-consuming and resource-intensive. Docebo Perform offers a simpler, more efficient approach.

“Docebo Perform allows companies to quickly and easily conduct evaluations and gap analysis, so they can identify what skills their workforce has and what skills they need,” explains Donato Mangialardo, Docebo’s Product Marketing Director. “The next step is suggesting training activities to fill those gaps and arm their workforce with necessary skills.”

Leverage a World-Class Skills Catalog: Docebo Perform enables quick setup by allowing companies to leverage the European Commission’s ESCO catalog, providing access to more than 14,000 skills out of the box.

Strengthen the Tie Between Learning and Performance: In order for people to perform at their best, they must possess the necessary skills. With Docebo Perform, managers can conduct gap analysis to determine where future training should focus in order to positively impact employee performance.

Incorporate Formal and Informal (Social) Learning: Learning takes many different forms and is accomplished in many different ways, not solely through eLearning courses created by the L&D department. With this in mind, Docebo Perform factors in both formal and informal learning interventions.

"If you want to know if your learning & development program is efficient and effective, you must create a strong link between learning and performance," says Michael Rochelle, Brandon Hall Group Chief Strategy Officer. "Leveraging Docebo Perform could earn learning & development a seat at the strategic table."

“With Docebo, seeing is believing,” says Erba. Learning and development professionals can request a demo to see Docebo Perform in action