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Nintex Selects Docebo to Handle Diverse Learning Management Needs

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With more than 13,044 lifetime enrolled users and a 30 percent year-over-year growth rate, Nintex, a workflow technology company, chose Docebo because it needed a learning management system capable of managing internal growth while enabling customer and partner networks.

Docebo’s latest case study documents its unique learning solutions for Nintex. By connecting other business applications like Sharepoint, Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce, Nintex simplifies and streamlines company workflows. Because of this, Nintex product training must include both information about the Nintex product and resources used with it. With over 10,097 partner-channel users, Nintex needed a LMS solution capable of streaming various forms of content with numerous access points.

Technical Training Manager Erick Weitkamp explains, “I needed something that could handle assessments, and large groups of people (the company has worked with more than 5,000 partners in the last five years alone)...On top of that, we needed something that we could use to log people in, or enable them to join the LMS on their own.”

Content variety is good in theory but can be challenging to organize in practice. It can also be difficult to maintain learning accountability without the right tools. Docebo’s Coach and Share application offers Nintex separate portals to connect with partners and employees by offering informal tips and tricks and a question-and-answer model for product training.

With such varied and extensive training activities, Nintex requires advanced reporting to monitor and understand progress and success. “What Docebo does is help us look at our reports and understand who has taken every course, and who has passed every exam, so we can look at a user and say, ‘he’s ready, he’s serious,’” Weitkamp adds.

No matter how diverse your training needs, Docebo offers the most innovative and adaptable  solutions for your organization. Read the full case study at