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Latest version of the Docebo learning management system cements its world-leading position

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The latest version - 6.4 - of Docebo’s Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution contains a series of enhancements to its features and apps intended to cement its position in the top ten of the world’s learning management systems (LMSs).

Claudio Erba, CEO of Docebo.
Claudio Erba, CEO of Docebo. 

Named as the sixth best LMS in the world out of 600, in June, by independent market analyst, Craig Weiss and, the following month, rated third in the world for business-to-business use, Docebo’s e-learning platform is currently used by over 650 organizations around the world. Many of these client organizations are large, global companies which use the Docebo LMS to co-ordinate the learning of many thousands of learners belonging to different cultures and living in different time zones.

In his latest report on the world’s LMSs, Craig Weiss has stated that: ‘Docebo’s ‘one click’ apps, along with courses, show off the forward thinking approach of this LMS. The system offers an extended enterprise capability along with multilingual options at no additional charge.‘

Being a Cloud-based SaaS, rather than either an open source or a legacy system, Docebo’s LMS allows for unlimited numbers of registered users – although customers only pay for the active users during any billing period. Nonetheless, according to Craig Weiss’ latest report, Docebo’s: ‘price is so affordable.’

In addition to introducing an enhancement to the LMS’s ‘My Activities’ feature, Docebo 6.4’s entirely new  features include an:

  • External training app – allowing users to upload external activities and certificates into the platform, which the LMS’s administrators can then import and review.
  • LDAP integration app – allowing you to import an LDAP user base into the Docebo LMS and keep them synchronized.
  • SAML integration app – allowing users to use AD FS to ‘single sign-on’ between their Active Directory and the Docebo LMS.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) integration are two standards relating to authentication exchange. Both LDAP and SAML increase opportunities for integration with other enterprise systems in a more secure way than has previously been possible.

"The main benefit of using LDAP is that an entire organization’s information can be consolidated into a central repository,” explained Claudio Erba, Docebo’s CEO. “For example, rather than managing user lists for each group within an organization, LDAP can be used as a central directory which is accessible from anywhere on the network.

“Moreover, because LDAP supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS), sensitive data can be protected from prying eyes."

"SAML allows security systems and application software to be developed and evolve independently,” continued Claudio. “That’s because SAML provides a set of interoperable standard interfaces – and standardizing the interfaces between systems allows for faster, cheaper and more reliable integration."

The new version of Docebo’s LMS also enhances its e-commerce app – which allows the price of courses to be discounted to individual users. Alessio Artuffo, Docebo’s Chief Operating Officer in North America, commented: “We’ve also added, as a payment method, - which is popular in the USA. Users select the ‘enabled’ box to allow the circuit; then add the login ID, the transaction key, the MD5 Hash, and decide if they want to use the sandbox mode.”

Docebo 6.4 can be tried at: Docebo 6.4 elearning platform.