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Docebo launches an open source mobile-learning app

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Docebo, the Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), e-learning solutions provider, has published Docebo Mobile - a mobile app which enables its users to learn anywhere, anytime, on-demand.

Claudio Erba, CEO of Docebo.
Claudio Erba, CEO of Docebo. 

Claudio Erba, Docebo’s CEO, explained: “This app allows a client’s workforce to access learning materials on a just-in-time time basis via their mobile devices. The Docebo Mobile app allows you to attend your Docebo-based e-learning courses via a Smartphone and, ultimately, via any mobile device.”

In addition to allowing Docebo Mobile users to access – on the go - courses optimised for Smartphone delivery, the app also enables administrators to view learners’ progress and management reports.

Docebo Mobile benefits learning materials developers by enabling them to create their own mobile learning apps on top of it. They can do this because of open (or public) APIs.

“Mobile app developers can try out the Docebo platform, the Docebo software development kit (SDK) and the mobile app at no cost,” said Fabio Pirovano, Docebo’s Chief Technical Officer. “They can create their own app using our SDK or they can integrate their own training materials with the app and ‘white label’ it.

“The Docebo Mobile App is open source - having been built using our public API with tools, such as Apache Cordova, via a technology which is available to all our clients, and released under the Open Source BSD license,” he explained. “At Docebo, we believe that integrating the client’s learning management system (LMS) with other third party systems is key - so we offer an API system for customers to leverage in order to perform these integrations.

“A powerful LMS is one that’s able to integrate with other enterprise applications, such as ERPs, HR software, reporting tools and so on. Interconnection between such systems is key to streamlining organisational processes and improving business performance.

“You can now create your own mobile app using Docebo’s API and Mobile SDK. You can allow Docebo to take care of resource storage and tracking, while you focus your attention on the Mobile experience you want to give to your users.”

Claudio Erba said: “The mobile app allows the integration of mobile learning – which is important to any learning strategy.

“Mobile devices are proliferating around the world – with the worldwide market for mobile learning products and services reaching $5.3bn in 2012 and being set to reach $12.2bn by 2017,” he added. “The advent of this mobile phenomenon is changing enterprises worldwide, encompassing all sizes of businesses, industries and all sectors of the economy.”

This is one of the key conclusions of Docebo’s research – recently published in a report called ‘Learning on the Go – tips and trends in m-learning’. The report, which is freely available from, outlines ways to create a blended learning strategy that encompasses a variety of delivery methodologies – including mobile learning (m-learning).

The Docebo Mobile app is available at