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Italian start-up Rysto: $1M VC funding and partners with Docebo

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The Italian Start-up Rysto, a social platform that speeds up recruiting and training in the world of catering and hospitality, gets $1M USD in a VC round and partners with Docebo.


Rysto, the online portal designed for people who offer and search job opportunities in the catering and hospitality industry, is a good deal: the Principia Venture Capital goes for a capital increase of 1M USD, allowing Rysto to internationally export the Italian style of excellence in these sectors.

Rysto raised $1M in venture capital funding from the italian Venture Capital Principia, and signed a strategic partnership with the global E-Learning Solution provider Docebo to allow job seekers to acquire specific skills and knowledge in the food, beverage and hospitality sectors. The funds will be invested in product development and international expansion.

There is more than a just simple "job finder website" behind Rysto's success, as the portal offers a great online training area in collaboration with Docebo, ( The training area allows job seekers to attend professional online courses and gain sectoral skills for a better employment, so they can receive the proper training before approaching the new job.

By accessing, people who are looking for employment are able to build their own public profile, and access many job opportunities within restaurant and hospitality industries. Business owners can upload geolocalized job offers and find qualified candidates within seconds.

The alliance between Rysto and Docebo demonstrates how the "new generation" of Italian entrepreneurs is able to provide added-value to Italy's excellences by providing not only the traditional products and services, but also technologies that are designed to reduce time-to-market and enable the global expansion of any type of business.

Quote from Docebo:
Claudio Erba, CEO and founder of Docebo, serial entrepreneur, Rysto's board VP and investor, who already gathered several million dollars in VC rounds, states:"The alliance between Docebo and Rysto is a strategic asset, because Docebo's training technologies will be extremely beneficial for the internationalization process of Rysto's restaurant and hospitality related businesses".

Quote from Rysto:
"We see an high employee turnover within the restaurant industry; up to 110% on a yearly basis. In this scenario, Rysto is able to meet two kind of crucial needs: it is the point of contact between who's offering and looking for jobs." States Jacopo Chirici, CEO of Rysto."But it is also useful for job seekers who need training around specific industry-related skills. We help employees to get a job and we also help companies hire trained and certified workers."



About Rysto:
Rysto is a 100% italian company, founded by Jacopo Chirici and Massimo Fabrizio in the 2013. They met in 2012, during the "Start-Up School Mind the Bridge" course held in Silicon Valley. They joined their forces to create a technological platform able to spread the best of the Italian excellences to an international level.

For more information on Rysto, Please visit and contact or call +39 392.5597639