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Docebo sees a SaaS business growth of 500% in 4 months

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Docebo Cloud, the E-Learning platform delivered “as a service”, has been chosen by more than 5.000 worldwide organizations in the first 120 days. The company’s SaaS business grows up to 500% in the first 4 months.

Docebo Cloud E-Learning platform admin dashboard
Docebo Cloud E-Learning platform admin dashboard 

Today Docebo states its Docebo Cloud E-Learning platform has already been installed and used by more than 5.000 organizations worldwide, with an increasing growth of its SaaS business of 500%.

Docebo Cloud is the first E-Learning platform delivered “as a service” with a free library of courses already included: “we designed our LMS to connect customers with service in two ways: optimizing time-to-market of training solutions and providing a set of free courses intended to match SMEs’ standard training needs” says Claudio Erba, CEO of Docebo.

Companies and organizations can activate Docebo Cloud from the website, with a 1-minute installation “on the cloud” that allows to create immediate-to-deliver training projects. Thanks to the free courses included, companies can train their staff on topics like Health & Safety, Business English and IT Security reducing significantly their training costs.

“We are having lots of positive feedbacks from Docebo Cloud users, and we are still working hard to improve our E-Learning platform, as new features and interface improvements will be released very soon. Our main goal is to make E-Learning easy and, according to independent reviews already published on the web, I am sure we are on the right way” states Claudio Erba.

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