News stories from CrossKnowledge in 2021

CrossKnowledge webinar: How Alstom was able to foster learner engagement using blended learning during the pandemic

CrossKnowledge | 19 Nov 2021

How do you engage learners and create a sense of community with digital learning?

CrossKnowledge partners with Jan Rijken and Nick van Dam for webinar on 49 Tools for Learning & Development (and How to Apply Them)

CrossKnowledge | 19 Nov 2021

join us for this interactive webinar as we explore the 49 tools that enable L&D professionals at their moment-of-need

CrossKnowledge webinar sheds light on the 6 Simple Ways Blended Learning Leads to Learner Engagement

CrossKnowledge | 26 Oct 2021

How do you create an effective digital learning solution that ensures learner engagement beyond the launch?

CrossKnowledge unveils newly designed My Learning Mobile app with a webinar

CrossKnowledge | 27 Sep 2021

With the pandemic accelerating the trend towards digital learning with anytime, anywhere access now is the time to explore the option of mobile learning for your workforce. This webinar will focus on the possibilities that Mobile learning opens for a deskless workforce and introduces the newly updated CrossKnowledge My Learning mobile app.

CrossKnowledge and GuruScan partner for webinar: 'Boosting Organizational Expertise Through Knowledge Management'

CrossKnowledge | 14 Sep 2021

Every organization has a diverse range of colleague skilled in a multitude of different activities, yet many organizations are reporting on a skills gap. How can you unlock the potential of our colleagues and use their skills to teach others? This is where knowledge management can benefit your organization.

CrossKnowledge publishes new eBook on the topic of live distance learning

CrossKnowledge | 09 Sep 2021

Our new e-Book discusses how learning professionals can seize the opportunity to reinvent their profession to create proximity and presence, at a distance.

21 wins for CrossKnowledge at HCM Excellence Awards from Brandon Hall

CrossKnowledge | 27 Aug 2021

CrossKnowledge proudly announce the win of 21 awards from the 2021 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards.

Discover How to Create Blended Learning Solutions for the New Normal with CrossKnowledge

CrossKnowledge | 03 Aug 2021

Discover how the exclusive BlendedX technology can create impact and engage hybrid workers in our 60 minute interactive product demonstration.

CrossKnowledge Unveils Diagnostic Tool for Digital Learning Maturity

CrossKnowledge | 14 May 2021

CrossKnowledge release 12 question assessment providing insight into the 6 key areas of digital learning maturity for organisations.

CrossKnowledge Virtual Discussion Hub: Looking at Digital Learning from the Learners Perspective

CrossKnowledge | 01 Apr 2021

The CrossKnowledge Virtual Discussion Hub is a 1-hour virtual session to meet, discuss and learn about trending L&D challenges. The CrossKnowledge Hub provides you with an opportunity to ask your burning questions to experts and gain inspiration from peers.

CrossKnowledge has partnered with Schouten Global to discover how learner engagement leads to business impact

CrossKnowledge | 30 Mar 2021

Introducing the CrossKnowledge Hub

CrossKnowledge | 03 Mar 2021

CrossKnowledge Presents: 3 Simple Questions to Discover What Learners Really Want From Digital Learning

CrossKnowledge | 05 Jan 2021