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How technology led training can create competitive advantage, webinar

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The training and learning technology provider, Commelius Solutions, teams up with sales training expert in a new webinar exclusive to sales and learning and development managers.

Webinar: maximising competitive advantage through learning technology
Webinar: maximising competitive advantage through learning technology 

A leading sales training expert within IT and telecoms, Simon Busby along with Commelius, will look into the connection between the adoption of learning technologies innovations and improved sales performance.

The live online event will touch on the research from Miller Heiman, the sales performance company, and a report from CSO Insights* which shows a clear link between investment in training and improvement in sales performance. According to the study, 73% of sales reps meet their target in companies where sales training is a part of the overall business strategy.

“What we learn from this report, and from our observations when dealing with clients such as American Express, is that training plays a vital part in creating a competitive advantage in a fast paced and constantly evolving world of product selling ”, says Vicky Jones, Managing Director at Commelius.

Simon Busby adds, “Technology led learning has a significant role to play in enabling sales team to increase performance and stay ahead of the competition. It’s especially visible in those companies where products change quickly and there’s a very limited time to train sales people on them. We’ll look at it during the webinar and I think this is something that every sales manager and director might want to consider when planning their next sales strategy.”

The webinar will take place on Tuesday 13th May at 4pm (GMT, British Time). Online registration: How technology led training can create competitive advantage.

An accompanying whitepaper is available: How technology led learning can boost sales performance.

* CSO Insights


Webinar agenda:

Foundations for Success

Simon Busby provides insight into how leading sales organisations use learning technologies as an integral element of both new product launches and on-going sales capabilities to stay one foot ahead of the competition.

Creating competitive advantage at American Express

A case study highlighting how AMEX used a blended learning approach to significantly reduce sales downtime and improve knowledge uptake as part of a rapid global product launch

Innovation for the Future

Insights from the world of learning technologies that will explore the use social learning and collaborative online techniques to train direct and channel sales teams to dramatically cut costs and improve results

Q&A Session