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Harnessing social learning experience – new technology launches today

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The new social learning platform - altoconnect - from the learning technology provider Commelius Solutions, has launched today.

harnessing social learning experience
harnessing social learning experience  

For the occasion, the learning and development experts from Commelius are organising a live webinar, during which they will discuss how to use social learning technology to inspire, connect and engage learners, and make the informal learning a better experience for them. 

“Being able to provide to your learners what they want and need is very important if you want your learning and development strategy to work. And our social learning platform is all about meeting the demands of modern learners”, says Vicky Jones, Managing Director at Commelius Solutions.

“When developing altoconnect, we’ve put a lot of emphasis on creating a learning experience for them, so that they not only can have access to just in time training as and when they need it, but also so they can take advantage of highly interactive social features available to them and connect with each other, easily exchange and share ideas and knowledge”, explains Jones.

During the 40 minute online event speakers will show who can benefit the most from using social learning technology, how to encourage social interaction and mentoring among learners, how to easily build learning communities, and how this new learning technology can help generate tangible results in an organisation. 

The webinar titled ‘Social learning innovation – connect, inspire and engage learners’ will take place on Tuesday, 9th  September at 3pm (British Summer Time), and is dedicated to those learning and development professionals, who want to explore the new ways of learning and make the most of social learning in their organisations.

altoconnect, already used by some of Commelius’s largest clients, is now available on the market. To find out more about this latest learning technology, readers can visit

Individuals interested in the webinar can register from this link.