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Social LMS webinar - How can we really build social confidence in the workplace?

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It’s early days, and submissions to the collaborative FAQ is under way as part of Redtray’s new ALTO LMS launch this month are still stacking up.

Social learning portal
Social learning portal 

But ALTO’s team of presenters and demonstrators have already heard enough to convince them: when it comes to the benefits of social learning, L&D leaders are already sold, but they would like to see a clear road-map that helps them achieve the cross-company buy-in they need to put today’s most exciting social apps at the heart of the company learning culture.

“As our ALTO Q&A grows, the first trend we’re spotting is the number of questions about the new social learning apps built into the LMS,” explains Redtray MD, Vicky Jones.  “L&D experts want to understand how the new system allows learners to review the courses they undertake and share their personal rating across the wider work group. They’re asking for more detail on new features like instant messaging and peer-to-peer learning or they want to better understand how the new social LMS portal can be personalised for each learner in the workforce.

“But the really striking point is that the business case for this new generation of social apps seems to be universally accepted. It’s the cultural issue of how to introduce social learning successfully into the wider workforce that most L&D experts are struggling with.

“All of this early insight helps us ensure the demos and webinars we create for ALTO’s roll-out and support programmes are really relevant to the learning leaders we’ve developed the system for.”

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A special “Building social confidence in the workplace” webinar is in the works now. Registration, updates, a personal demo, the new ALTO brochure and more about ALTO is available through participation in Redtray Solutions' new community FAQ.


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