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Cognota Awarded on the Forbes Canada’s Best Startup Employers 2024 List

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Cognota has been awarded on the inaugural list of Canada’s Best Startup Employers 2024. This prestigious award is presented by Forbes and Statista Inc., the world-leading statistics portal and industry ranking provider. The awards list was announced on January 10th, 2024, and can currently be viewed on the Forbes website.

Canada's Best Startup Employers 2024 ranking examines best-performing startups as an employer through defined KPIs to guide potential candidates in finding innovative and stable startups to work for. Companies headquartered in Canada, founded between the years 2014 and 2021, employing more than 10 employees, and exhibiting a startup structure were considered in the evaluation.

More than 3 million data points were gathered from a variety of sources using state-of-the-art methods as well as desk research and detailed evaluation was based on the following three main criteria: Employer Reputation, Employee Satisfaction, and Growth.

Based on the results of the study, Cognota is ecstatic to be recognized on the Forbes list of Canada’s Best Startup Employers 2024.

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