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Cognota Hosts First-Ever LearnOps Virtual Summit with Acclaimed Speakers Elliott Masie, Sydney Savion, and Charles Jennings


Cognota is thrilled to announce the groundbreaking LearnOps Virtual Summit featuring an impressive lineup of speakers, including renowned industry leaders Elliott Masie, Sydney Savion, Charles Jennings, Claudio Erba, Brandon Carson, Patti Phillips, Christopher Lind, JD Dillon, Myra Roldan, and more. Takes place September 27, 2023.


This pioneering virtual event will take place from 12:00 pm to 3:30 pm EST on September 27, 2023, and will change the way learning operations are approached in the digital age.

Cognota, a fast-growing learning software company, is proud to present the first-ever LearnOps Summit, a revolutionary virtual event that will empower learning professionals to rethink corporate learning operations, technology, strategy, and insights. As the world rapidly evolves, this summit will equip attendees with the tools to drive innovation, inclusivity, and efficiency within modern learning teams.

**Key Highlights of the Virtual LearnOps Summit 2023**

1. Inspiring Keynote Speakers: Learn from esteemed experts in the corporate L&D sector, including Elliott Masie, Sydney Savion, Charles Jennings, and more, as they share their visionary insights on the future of learning operations and the role of technology in fostering innovation and inclusivity.

2. Networking & Collaboration: Engage in real-time discussions through the LearnOps Community, fostering thought exchange, peer connections, and interactions with industry leaders.

3. Thought-Provoking Panel Discussions: Dive into engaging panel discussions exploring the intersection of AI and LearnOps, igniting thought-provoking conversations and inspiring innovative ideas.

Ryan Austin, CEO of Cognota, expressed his enthusiasm for the summit, stating, "We believe that by uniting leading industry professionals from around the world, we can drive a transformation in the way learning operations are perceived and implemented within corporations. Our goal is to empower learning teams to strike the right balance between learner outcomes and business objectives, making ROI conversations about learning investments more accessible."

More benefits of the virtual summit include:

**Explore Emerging Fields and Captivating Tracks:**

- Discover the emerging field of LearnOps and its role in enhancing learning operations for better business outcomes.
- Dive into two captivating tracks: L&D Operations & Technology and L&D Strategy & Insights, featuring expert-led sessions and discussions.

**Uncover the Latest Trends and Gain New Insights:**

- Learn the latest trends, best practices, and strategies to accelerate capability building, optimize operations, and showcase learning and development ROI.
- Gain insights on fostering a culture of continuous learning, collaborating with business partners, and driving diversity, equity, and inclusion in corporate learning.

**Harnessing AI in L&D and Improving Performance:**

- Uncover the power of AI in the L&D ecosystem and its applications in learning experiences, personalization, data analytics, and more.
- Explore the distinction between performance objectives and learning objectives and their impact on training effectiveness.

**Navigating Market Shifts in the Modern Workplace:**

- Discover strategies to navigate the changing job market and embrace transformative changes in the modern workplace.

Registration for the Virtual LearnOps Summit 2023 is now open. Secure your spot and explore the comprehensive program by visiting