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Cognota Launches The LearnOps® Category And A Chief Learning Officer Coach Marketplace

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Cognota partners with renowned Chief Learning Officers across multiple industries and global enterprises to launch the LearnOps® Category


ONTARIO, CANADA, October 19, 2022 / — A lack of organizational resources becomes a barrier to quickly designing and developing learning content. According to a survey by ATD, out of 264 respondents, 112 completed the survey entirely, and 67% of respondents claimed that time, budget, and talent development team headcount emerged as the top barrier for teams to create learning products faster. Expanding project deliverables, lack of availability of SMEs, stakeholders, and standard processes, and limited learning infrastructure ranged between 34% and 39%.

Fathoming the increase in demand and awareness of L&D tools, Cognota emerged as the first L&D operations platform globally, also known as a LearnOps® Platform. The company delivers services to mid-market and enterprise L&D teams and focuses on powering its clients’ learning and development strategy and operations with guidance from CLO coaches.

Cognota is announcing the launch of CLO Coach Marketplace, wherein clients can increase their knowledge and power of LearnOps®. Leading Chief Learning Officers like Dr. Sydney Savion, SVP Learning & Growth at Cityblock Health, Rob Lauber, Fmr. CLO at McDonald’s, Martha Soehren, Fmr. Chief Talent Development Officer at Comcast, and Mary McNevin, Fmr. Global VP Talent and Learning at McCain Foods are integral parts of the platform.

By hiring a CLO or LearnOps® Coach, Cognota clients can meet their L&D goals faster. They will receive advice from coaches with hands-on experience in the related sector; this can lead the clients to avoid setbacks, downfalls, and challenges.

The clients will also experience enhanced L&D performance with improved L&D results and repertoire in the organization. The coach will assist in refining the strategy and empowering the team to execute tasks more effectively. A fresh perspective to finalize decisions and create a potential impact before performing a strategy will be an additional benefit. This is undertaken to reduce risks while focussing on continuous improvement of the LearnOps® strategy.

Hiring a CLO Coach also creates augmented business impact and assesses LearningOps progress without stopping. This allows for innovation and better support to business partners across the organization.

The founder of Cognota, Ryan Austin, has a wealth of experience as an entrepreneur and is an expert in driving improvements in L&D. Currently, he is focused on curating innovative products to assist teams in increasing productivity and automating operational processes for impactful training. Ryan was formerly in the role of Senior Vice President, Training for World Trade Group. He also founded GoFish Cam, which exited in 2019. He undertook a range of entrepreneurship courses through DMZ, Surge Accelerator, StartEd Accelerator, Telluride Venture Accelerator, Capital Factory, and The Next Founders Program.

Here’s the process for hiring a CLO Coach:

Clients view the Cognota CLO Coach Marketplace to match with appropriate CLO Coaches that can help address learning ops requirements.

The client is connected with a CLO or LearnOps® Coach as per choice using a booking system to engage in virtual consultations. Groundwork is established on a regular or fixed basis.

The client can now work towards the success of strengthening their learning operations strategy and can celebrate the wins with their coach.

Cognota is emerging as a leader in the L&D industry. The CLO Coach assists the clients in augmenting the LearnOps® Strategy and meeting L&D goals without delays and with unparalleled efficiency.


About Us:

Cognota (formerly Synapse) is the first and only LearnOps® platform for corporate Learning and Development teams. Our award-winning software streamlines L&D processes such as training intake and project and capacity planning. And content design allows learning teams to work more efficiently and effectively while providing access to much-needed data and insights about their operations. This first-of-its-kind software allows our customers to get better visibility into the training needs of their businesses and consolidate the disparate tools they are using so they can make better, more strategic decisions about learning needs and investments.

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