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Agylia to highlight ‘Learning in the flow of work’ at LTDX 2.0

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Agylia to showcase how advances in learning technologies are moving learning and CPD beyond the traditional LMS environment and into the flow of work, as part of people’s everyday life.


As L&D teams look for new and efficient ways to connect and engage with a hybrid workforce, Agylia will be hosting a session as part of the Learning Technologies Digital Experience (LTDX 2.0) to explore exactly what is meant by “learning in the flow of work” and the impact it is having.

This significant paradigm shift is having a major impact on learning solutions, strategies, and technologies and this trend is set to continue. It’s also changing the role and focus of L&D departments, and the managers and leaders throughout the wider organisation. The session will also illustrate how moving from traditional, course-based training approaches to learning in the flow of work is having a positive impact on learning and performance outcomes.

Topic: How to support people in their roles with learning and CPD in the flow of work

When: Friday 25th June at 13:15 - 14:00 

Alex Mackman, Technical Director at Agylia said, “The best way to make sure that learning sticks and becomes an integral part of people’s development is to ensure that learning and development (including CPD) are integrated and embedded into the flow of work. Today, digital learning technologies are supporting people in their roles, with what they need, when they need it - in the flow of work. This is beneficial to both the individuals and to the organisations in which they work – with much closer alignment of learning outcomes to business priorities and performance goals.”

Based on real experiences, Agylia’s session will explore how learning and CPD platforms, mobile Apps and other business solutions can be used to deliver real time, contextual, embedded learning - at the point of need - which helps people to develop new skills and ongoing personal development as part of their everyday work practices.

During the session, Agylia will answer:

  • What exactly is learning in the flow of work?
  • Why does it represent such a significant paradigm shift?
  • What makes it so effective and how do you measure its effectiveness?
  • Why is it so well suited to today’s corporate landscape?
  • What are the implications for L&D departments?
  • What are the approaches and technological solutions that make it a reality?
  • How do you encourage CPD engagement?

LTDX 2.0 takes place between the 21st June and 2nd July.