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IMarEST empowers continuing professional development (CPD) with the Agylia LMS

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Agylia announces that it has partnered with the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST), the international professional body and learned society for all marine professionals, to deliver IMarEST’s learning content and professional development platform.

IMarEST Echo Mobile Learning App
IMarEST Echo Mobile Learning App 

Paul James, Chief Operating Officer at IMarEST said, “We had an existing tool for our members to record their continuing professional development (CPD), but the Institute lacked a learning management system (LMS) to support member learning. This led us to explore the possibility of having a single platform that could provide members with not only an easy to use CPD recording function, but also access to target learning resources.”

With a focus on collaboration and strong custom-development capabilities, Agylia was chosen as the partner for IMarEST. Working together, Agylia and IMarEST developed a way for IMarEST members to upload academic qualifications, certificates and materials to support their CPD using the Agylia LMS. 

The Agylia LMS has also provided IMarEST with a powerful learning delivery infrastructure, which enables IMarEST to upload and target a wide range of learning content, including eLearning courses, videos, events, PDFs and Word documents, to support their distributed and growing global membership - which now spans more than 120 countries.

IMarEST members are able to access their learning content, and maintain their CPD record via Agylia’s online learner portal and mobile learning Apps - branded as IMarEST Echo. The Apps - available for iOS and Android devices - work online and offline, ensuring IMarEST members can still access their content and maintain their CPD record wherever they are - even when at sea.

Paul concluded, “IMarEST Echo is helping us to achieve one of our strategic goals, which is to promote professionalism and technical leadership by growing a knowledgeable, skilled and more qualified membership that can adapt to current and future challenges in the marine sector.”

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