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Agylia named as a world’s Top 20 LMS for 2018

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The Agylia Learning Management System (LMS) has been awarded a place in the world’s Top 20 LMSs for 2018 by The Craig Weiss Group - which examined over 1,000 systems.

Agylia Learning Management System
Agylia Learning Management System 

In the production of his Top 50 Learning Systems for 2018, leading eLearning analyst, Craig Weiss, considered a series of criteria covering all aspects of the LMS. This included the learner experience, administrator capabilities, system functionality, customer support and future roadmap innovation.

Amongst the strengths of the Agylia LMS, Craig Weiss noted, “Compliance and regulatory are winners” - with Agylia’s ability to combine extensive compliance functionality, curricula control and certification management to accommodate even the most demanding regulatory frameworks.

With the range of Agylia mobile learning Apps, for iOS and Android devices, learners can access their digital learning resources anywhere - even offline - via their preferred tablet or mobile device.

Craig praised Agylia for its “mobile driven approach - lots of good here (including On/Off synch)… its real winners including notifications… social and manager view.”

Agylia are pleased Craig recognised Agylia’s commitment in providing learners with the best possible digital learning experiences. Commenting on Agylia’s user experience, Craig stated “UI / UX are excellent.”

Receiving recognition for their design proves Agylia’s learner and admin portals - both designed to enhance user experiences - are amongst the most user-friendly available today.

As an agile, mobile and social LMS, Agylia enables internal and external learners to easily access their eLearning, microlearning and performance support content via an all-in-one powerful learning portal. With great user experiences and easy access to learning across a wide range of devices, Agylia increases engagement and user adoption of learning programmes.

For LMS administrators, Agylia provides an intuitive portal that enables a wide range of learning content to be quickly and easily uploaded ready for targeting to individuals or groups of learners.