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Agylia makes the Learning Technology Research Project App freely available to everyone

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Following the extensive Learning Technology Research (LTR) Project, Agylia has released the complete LTR Project App - enabling everyone to experience mobile learning Apps and microlearning programmes in action.

LTR Project App
LTR Project App 

As part of the LTR Project, over 300 participants globally received a set of microlearning modules, spaced over a two week period, delivered direct to their iOS or Android device. Through a combination of tests, surveys and data analysis, Agylia gained vital insights into the way people interact with mobile learning and microlearning modules, and how effective these approaches are. 

Tim Buff, CEO and chief Learning Strategist at Agylia said, “For a number of years mobile learning and microlearning have been hot topics amongst learning practitioners. That is why Agylia teamed up with academics from the University of the West of England to carry out extensive research into the way people, in the real world, use mobile learning technologies.”

“With the release of the full LTR Project App, we would like everyone to experience mobile learning and microlearning first-hand. The modules are focussed on modern digital learning techniques, providing the opportunity to learn about a range of new approaches impacting learning and development. We hope it will provide inspiration for people to see how these delivery methods and new technologies could be incorporated as part of their organisation’s broader digital learning strategies,” added Tim.  

Following the conclusion of the research, Agylia is now opening up access the LTR Project App. Downloading the App provides immediate access to the full series of microlearning modules, the full LTR Project report, an infographic of the key statistics, and an analysis on the findings from the research - discussing how the findings from LTR Project could impact future learning designs and technologies.


To experience the LTR Project App and get access the content, download the App for iOS devices, or download the App for Android devices. Alternatively, search ‘LTR Project’ in your devices’ App Store.